Quality policy

Fluart Innovative Vaccines Kft.
Our quality policy


Continuous quality enhancement: Our quality program is aimed at producing high quality, efficient and safe products. To this end, we continuously upgrade our quality regulations and rules, and incorporate our experience gained from mistakes into the system.

Focus on the patients: Our daily work is focused on ensuring safety for our children and parents. To this end, we strictly follow the technological and documentation regulations.

Steep development: we are set to develop our current technological processes to match the expectations of the future. We want to gear up and improve our well-established and steady technological background so it meets the challenges of future generations.

Suitable equipment: Our Company use qualified equipment and calibrated assets to run production smooth. Our manufacturing processes are validated. When acquiring new equipment, we always certify its suitability, and its appropriateness to our technology.

Continuous training: We provide continuous training for our employees, motivating them to learn about the constant changes in sciences and regulations. We share our experience with each other in order to ensure quality production.

Product safely: We monitor not only the manufacturing of our products but also the storage and delivery thereof with the help of suitable equipment. Our own chain of delivery eliminates the chance of falsification. Each and every audit must prove the harmlessness of our products.