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Who we are

FLUART Innovative Vaccines Ltd. is an integrated biotechnology company focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of vaccines. Our company is committed to health innovation and contributes to the widespread availability of flu vaccines. As a CDMO, we also offer integrated scientific services.

Services & expertise

What we do

FLUART Vaccines

Fluart, with a wealth of experience exceeding 33 years in human vaccine production, specializes particularly in developing influenza vaccines that adhere to the efficacy standards set by national and international authorities.

CDMO Services

Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization services provide comprehensive support throughout the drug development process, covering production, quality control, logistics, and documentation for a seamless and regulatory-compliant collaboration with potential partners.

Research & development

Fluart is active in R&D in the field of influenza vaccines and is actively involved in various innovative vaccine development projects. Fluart has extensive experience in the control of various viral and bacterial challenging pathogens and conducts useful research in a number of industries.

Scientific Results

Unveiling groundbreaking scientific results, our research at Fluart continually pushes boundaries, driving innovation and excellence. Explore our impactful publications that contribute to advancements in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and beyond.

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