Fluart Innovative Vaccines Ltd. is committed to prioritising the safety of medicines throughout their life cycle, including post-marketing surveillance. Therefore, in accordance with the relevant legislation and the Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP), a company-wide pharmacovigilance quality system is in place. The benefit/risk ratio of authorised products is continuously monitored and made public.

Adverse reaction report

The reporting of adverse reactions to the use of medicinal products is the primary means by which the marketing authorisation holder and the authorisation authority can obtain information about the potential risks of a medicinal product and, if necessary, take measures to ensure that the safety of the medicinal product can be maintained.
In addition to healthcare professionals, patients and/or their relatives, or anyone who becomes aware of an adverse reaction that is suspected to be related to the use of a medicinal product, have the possibility to report adverse reactions to the use of the medicinal product.


Online registration

Please use the links below to report side effects online.


Postal notification

You can choose the traditional mail route, please send your completed adverse reaction report to the address below.

1506 Budapest, PO Box 112.


Notification by phone

Please call one of the following contact details.

+36 26 336 597
+36 20 419 7102

Quality complaint

We place great emphasis on health and are grateful to all those who contribute to the health of our community. If you would like to report a general complaint, please use this form. Thank you for your cooperation and attention to health issues.


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