Our Solutions

We are key players in the Hungarian vaccine market, particularly in the research, development, and manufacturing of influenza vaccines. Through our CDMO services, we provide reliable support as a partner from clinical trials to commercial manufacturing. Our developments encompass bacteriophage research, animal health, and the food industry. Our manufacturing adheres to GMP regulations, ensuring seamless scalability.

Influenza Vaccine

We are leaders and active participants in the Hungarian vaccine market. We excel in the research, development, and aseptic manufacturing of pandemic and seasonal influenza vaccines.

Research and Development

In addition to our pioneering achievements in vaccine research and development, we successfully respond to the needs of various industrial sectors with our development projects and comprehensive services.

Contract Manufacturing -CDMO

We are present as a strategic and reliable partner in the contract manufacturing and development of pharmaceutical product programs, whether it involves clinical trials of small-scale materials or the manufacturing of commercially launched products.

Technology Transfer

We initiated our manufacturing technology transfer program in 2006, aiding low-income countries and their healthcare systems in developing their own vaccine supplies. This initiative fosters intercultural collaboration.

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