Pharmaceutical contract services

Contract development and manufacturing, contract manufacturing services for all stages of drug development.

A pharmaceutical company with over 33 years of experience in innovative pharmaceuticals, specialising in the production, research and development of human vaccines.

Our plants are capable of producing small volume biological products and APIs under GMP conditions, as well as pre-clinical and clinical trial samples. Our company undertakes GMP framework-based contract development and manufacturing (CDMO) projects for potential partners, including manufacturing activities, quality control, logistics and full documentation.

Overview of capabilities

CDMO Services

We are committed to supporting the needs of biotech, pharmaceutical and life science companies with our proven end-to-end CDMO capabilities and technical expertise.

CDMO Services

Development service

Process development (API, drug product)
Optimisation of upstream, downstream, formulation, fill & finish processes
Bioanalytical method development
Laboratory and pilot scale mass production
Technology transfer and scale-up activities

CDMO Services

Manufacturing service

Laboratory and pilot-scale series production
GMP-based production and API-based scale production
Preclinical sample production for studies
Clinical sample production for phase I-III studies
Fill and finish process, including ampoule filling
Full GMP documentation of production for each batch
Cold storage under GMP conditions
Vaccine manufacturing

CDMO service

Analytical, quality control and quality assurance services

Analytical tests for the product
Stability tests
Product release
years of experience in vaccine development and manufacturing
million influenza vaccines produced
sqm R&D and manufacturing infrastructure
scientific, professional collaboration


Focus on what you do best

Our expertise and wide range of services relieve our customers of the burden of manufacturing tasks, allowing them to focus all their efforts on growing the market, generating demand and driving new product growth through marketing and distribution. We work closely with our customers, representing those who put human vaccines first.


Let’s work together for a healthier future!

Whether it’s developing an idea or improving an existing solution, we have the expertise and resources to support you every step of the way. Fluart is not just a service provider, but an ally, fully committed to partnership and mutual success.

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