Our Story

Fluart Innovative Vaccines Kft. is Hungary’s sole enterprise in drug, biotechnology, and life sciences research, pioneering in the research and manufacturing of influenza vaccines. We provide insight into our company’s past and heritage, which serve as the foundation for our current activities. Throughout our company’s history, we have achieved numerous milestones, all contributing to our status today as a successful and respected player in the pharmaceutical industry.

Introducing Ourselves

Fluart is committed to producing high-quality products and provides a supportive, development-oriented work environment for its employees.


Fluart operates under the direction of a leadership team with outstanding professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The company’s strategic direction and independence are determined by its owners, allowing for sustainable and profitable growth as well as the achievement of overall corporate objectives.


Fluart is committed to producing high-quality products and strictly adheres to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the impeccable quality of its manufacturing processes. Our expert team and well-trained staff guarantee compliance with GMP standards, ensuring that our products are manufactured to a high level of quality.

Fluart as a workplace

We focus on excellence and efficiency. Our employees are dedicated, skilled, and experienced, ensuring high-quality services. Our unified company culture is based on integrity, excellence, and professionalism. 

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