Challenge in vaccine manufacturing

Producing high-quality vaccines worldwide requires extraordinary technological complexity and expertise. As a result, production is concentrated in a narrow range of countries, to the detriment of developing countries, which are vulnerable to vaccine production and access. This is particularly true for influenza vaccines, where seasonal demands and pandemics increase the challenges.

Fluart Transfer Programme

We are proud to help address the emerging challenges in vaccine technology and reduce global health inequalities.



In 2006, we launched our manufacturing technology transfer programmes in the global market. These initiatives were aimed at increasing the self-sufficiency of low-income countries, enabling them to develop their own national capacities to deal with seasonal and pandemic influenza pandemics.



In response to these challenges, Fluart is supporting an initiative to create intercultural cooperation by transferring vaccine technology and strengthening cooperation with national regulatory authorities. The initiative aims to ensure access to high quality, safe and effective vaccines for developing countries.


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